Universal Audible Monitor Relay Device For Indicators Towbar Electrics TEM1A

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Universal Audible Monitor Relay Device For Indicators Towbar Electrics TEM1A




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Audible warning device for towbar electrics

The audible monitor beeps when the trailer indicator is on. If there is no beeping you know the indicator is out on the trailer.

Monitors are devices that sense the flow of current to the trailer or caravan flashers, and fulfil a legal requirement to warn of a bulb failure on the trailer flashers. The simplest device is the audible monitor TEM1A which is boot fitting, and which interrupts the individual flasher circuits at the point at which the 12N cable attaches to the car’s flasher circuits.

Feedback to the driver is via an internal 2khz electromagnetic buzzer, which is sweeter sounding than the old style 500hz buzzer that it replaces, is at a pitch that is more responsive to the ear, and is much more reliable. Yet the sound is much less annoying than the high pitched square wave piezo enunciated types. The use of surface mount technology and a mini-buzzer probably makes this the smallest monitor on the market.

Technical characteristics

MakeTowing Electrics Ltd
ModelTEM1A Audible Monitor
Stock 5
Functional Type
Towing Disposal
Disappearing Plug-inYes
S Value(kg)
D Value (kn)
Bumper RemovalYes
Bumper Cut VisibleYes
Max Towing Capacity (kg)
Type ApprovalYes
Manufacturer Part Number
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