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Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...
Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV...

Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV L-4.380] from 04/2008 (29045/VM)

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Vertical detachable towbar
Wiring kit
  • without wiring kit
  • 7 pin with bypass relay
  • 7 pin with interface module
  • 7 pin with PDC module
  • 13 pin with interface module
  • 13 pin with PDC module

Hint: PDC Module - for vehicles with parking sensors


Towbar Peugeot PARTNER TEPEE [MPV L-4.380] from 04/2008 (29045/VM)

All of our towbars are produced in respect of the highest quality design and production standards. The initial phase consists of an accurate analysis of the structure of the vehicle and the creation of a prototype using 3D technology. Subsequently a sample is produced to verify the perfect adaptability during the assembly phase, the structural resistance and safety by means of an elaborate stress test phase of more then 2 million circles. Once the aim has been achieved, in the presence of the Italian ministerial authority, the towbar is approved respecting the European Legislation 94/20/CE.

We only sell towbars produced by companies that have received the Quality Certification ISO9001/2008.

Be aware that quality is priceless, above all in reference to road safety!

Kit content

  • Towbar
  • Tow ball coupling device
  • Brackets and tie beams
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Assembly instructions
  • Test certificate

Basically all that is necessary for the installation and approval of your new towbar

Why buy towbars from us?

  • We only sell towbars produced by European companies that are certified ISO 9001/2008 and with maximum respect for the vehicle's aesthetic features.
  • All of our towbars are approved according to European Legislation 94/20/CE.
  • The Assembly instructions are clear and complete and are in English or pictograms.
  • Free delivery all over Mainland UK
  • We have an assortment of over 1000 towbars always available in our warehouse.
  • All our feedback is clear and only refers to towbars. We do not use private advertisement unlike others.
  • We will provide full money back guarantee upon return.

Your complete satisfaction is our primary aim. If for any reason you have any questions, concerns please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and technical teams. If you had a great and amazing experience we would love you to tell the words, but if you have bad one please let us know.


Product Details

Towbar model
Vertical detachable towbar [VM]
MPV L-4.380
Functional type
Year of production
from 04/2008
Towing disposal
Max towing capacity
1300 kg
Nose weight
55 kg
D Value
8.50 kN
Bumper removal
Bumper cut
E3 00 - 7475


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